Our convenient and technologically advanced stations take your vending experience to a whole new level of selection and service. Imagine choosing the premium food and beverages you’d like to purchase and being able to pay for it all at once at an easy-to-use, self-checkout payment center.

microYour employees and guests are able to check nutritional information to make an informed purchase.

Cutting-edge payment center and inventory system
Using a touch screen, employees and guests can choose from a number of convenient and secure payment methods including debit, credit, fingerprint or cards with barcodes. Cash payment is also available for users without an account, which is perfect for guests to your facility.

The advanced technology within the payment center accurately tracks sales and offers the ability to continuously customize the inventory in your micro market to your users, which increases sales and customer satisfaction.

Customized to your needs

Micromarkets can be designed to fit any workplace or facility. The versatile fixture arrangements also allow for an expanded product selection, offering your employees and guests the ability to choose from a wide variety of products, including premium food items, beverages, fresh food and sundries.